The cover to Styx's 1978 album "Pieces of Eight."

When music becomes a sort of theme song: Styx and “Blue Collar Man”

The last few weeks, I’ve had a particular song stuck in my head.

It isn’t quite an earworm situation. It isn’t annoying by any means, and it’s not like I only have one part of it rattling around in my noggin.

No, I think I have Styx’s “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” running through my mind because I’ve been out of work, and I’m identifying with the content more than I usually would.

I’m a big Styx fan. I’ve written about the group for the St. Cloud Times a few times before. I’ve written about being a fan, even when it isn’t cool to be one. I’ve written about the modern incarnation touring earlier this year. And the group’s “Paradise Theatre” is one of my favorite albums, being the 1981 entry in a music project I did for the St. Cloud Times about favorite albums for every year of my lifetime.

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