The cover to Jon Magnusson's "Psalms for Sinners" EP.

Review: “Psalms for Sinners” EP by Jon Magnusson

In my capacity as a music fan who dabbles with the written word (you know, a music columnist / blogger), I often get tunes submitted to me for my consideration.

It’s a great honor and greater pleasure to be able to listen to so much material from so many people from such different countries, backgrounds and genres. Thank you to everyone who reaches out to me, I wish I had the time and ability to write about every artist and submission that comes my way. It never gets boring!

And an EP that was recently shared with me never gets boring, either.

Musician Jon Magnusson contacted me via Twitter (you can find and follow him at @jonmagnussonof).

The cover to Jon Magnusson's "Psalms for Sinners" EP.
The cover to Jon Magnusson’s “Psalms for Sinners” EP.

The four-song EP dabbles in different sounds, making for an enjoyable listen that stands up to repeat airings without overstaying its welcome.

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