The cover to Childish Gambino's 2016 album "Awaken, My Love!"

Some thoughts on “Awaken, My Love!” by Childish Gambino

My first introduction to Donald Glover was through the comedy TV show “Community.” When I learned he also was a musician, and had albums released under the name “Childish Gambino,” I admit that I didn’t take it seriously.

It’s not that I doubted his talent. It’s just … I liked him as a comedian, I liked him in that role on the TV show, I didn’t really NEED him in any other fashion.

How short-sighted, right? Why can’t people be multifaceted? I’m quite OK with others (like David Bowie, Gerard Way, Prince, etc.) stretching out and being multimedia artists with toes in other arts. I can’t explain why I was so close-minded, but I was.

I was wrong.

And I sincerely apologize.

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