New-release news: Bob Dylan and “Triplicate”

Short entry, but please bear with me …

According to a new post on YouTube by the official BobDylanVEVO account, there’s a new Bob Dylan album coming, called “Triplicate.”

You can check out a new video (and the description with the minimal “Triplicate” details) here:

Will this be an album including original songs? We haven’t had one of those since “Tempest” in 2012. Since then, we’ve had two albums of covers (“Shadows in the Night” and “Fallen Angels”). Frank Sinatra sang a song called “I Could Have Told You,” and “Triplicate” could refer to a third in a trilogy of covers albums.

We’ll see what new info comes, hopefully soon!

** Edit / update **

Twitter user Andrew Stingel ‏@freelunch_ provided me with info that Google Play has a tracklisting. It looks like it’s a triple album!

DISC ONE: “‘Til the Sun Goes Down”

01. I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plans

02. September of My Years

03. I Could Have Told You

04. Once Upon a Time

05. Stormy Weather

06. This Nearly Was Mine

07. That Old Feeling

08. It Gets Lonely Early

09. My One and Only Love

10. Trade Winds

DISC TWO: “Devil Dolls”

01. Braggin’

02. As Time Goes By

03. Imagination

04. How Deep is the Ocean

05. P.S. I Love You

06. The Best is Yet to Come

07. But Beautiful

08. Here’s That Rainy Day

09. Where is the One

10. There’s a Flaw in my Flue

DISC THREE: “Comin’ Home Late”

01. Day In, Day Out

02. I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night

03. Sentimental Journey

04. Somewhere Along the Way

05. When the World Was Young

06. These Foolish Things

07. You Go to My Head

08. Stardust

09. It’s Funny to Everyone but Me

10. Why Was I Born

** Edit / update No. 2 **

Looks like you can preorder the album through Amazon. Amazon says the album is expected out on March 31.

** Edit / update No. 3 **

Bob Dylan’s website ( has issued a release about the upcoming album. Check it out here.

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